Welcome to GameDevSoc!


The Game Development Society is an official Edinburgh University society for students interested in game development. And anyone else too, if they’re interested.

We host tutorials, socials and Game Jams, as well as every third IGDA Scotland monthly meeting.

If you’re intrigued, look here for more information.

We Live Once Again

Hi there! As many of you may have noticed, the website has been down for quite a while. Basically, the site got messed with and EUSA had to take it down for a while.

So what this means is, we’re building up again from a reasonably old backup of the site. That said, there’s likely to be a few broken or missing links, some missing posts, and a whole bunch of missing games.

We’ll do our best to recover what we can, and fix what we find, but I’m sure we’ll overlook stuff. If you see anything wrong with a page, please email us or leave a comment and we’ll rush over to plug the gap.

Also, if you’ve ever made a game at one of our game jams that you don’t see listed under Projects (or if you have a completely separate game that you want listed) please let us know: email us the details of the game, and a link to/copy of the game.

Sorry for any confusion of inconvenience while the site was down and we’ll do our best to keep it up from now on. (And at least make more frequent backups.)